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3Chi- Thc Kush Store

Welcome to 3Chi- The Kush Store; your all in one solution for the unique bud taste ever.


If you are looking to indulge in the most premium world-class bud experience at an affordable rate, then The Kush Store is the place for you. We offer the most amazing 3CHI experience that provides the highest quality of natural hemp and advanced cannabis flavors.
The 3CHI delta 8 THC is the leading vape cartridge in the cannabis industry. With over 96% of pure Delta 8 THC oil, you will get nothing but the best buzz from legal hemp. Once in hand, you can enjoy the strong taste and long-lasting dose right of the bat.


3CHI benefits

It offers all the great qualities you can look for in a CBD product, including,
• Stress-free vaping experience.
• Tranquil energy.
• Help with PTSD.
• Pain relief.
• Eases your nausea.
• Amazing sense of Euphoria.

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Featured products

White runtz

White runtz from the kush store is known to offer the perfect makeover between Gelato and Zkittlez. Above all, from ensuring the most extended sating effect of relaxation to a flavor profile that elevates your cannabis experience it is ideal for both veteran and beginner cannabis lovers. Moreover, the white runtz is distinguishable through its white-like trichomes and amazingly candy-like profile.

White runtz Benefits

White runtz offers a sweet flavor with high potency. As a result, you get the most stress-free and relaxed euphoria money can buy. In case you are looking for a dense and exotic cannabis experience that will help you with,
• Firstly, any form of anxiety issues
• Secondly, allows you to easily deal with Stress
• Above all, you get help with Chronic pain.
Then White runtz is for you.

Pink runtz

Pink runtz is becoming more and more popular for its euphoric benefits and unique, uplifting scent. Moreover, we are offering the most organic pink runtz solution for you that will make you proud to be consuming the most famous runtz strain on the west coast to date.
The pink and dark-dominated tone and the purplish vibe make pink runtz stand out from the rest. In addition, here at the kush store, we offer the most amazing pink runtz products, including pink runtz cart, runtz strain, and so much more, at the most affordable and competitive prices.
For the quality of our pink runtz strains, we make no compromises.

Stiiizy battery

The Stiiizy battery is one of the most popular cannabis brands in California. And here are the kush store; we are offering Stiiizy battery products that are easy to use, use snap-on pod batteries. So it provides a top-tier concentration of cannabis that you can not find anywhere else.

Stiiizy battery benefits

The Stiiizy battery is suited for both ling time vapers and newcomers due to its ease of use and fantastic quality. They offer,
• One of the most extended products lives.
• Ease of use.
• Burn and Leak-free experience.
• Easy rechargeability option
• Aesthetically pleasing designs.

Purple runtz

The purple runtz is a very popular hybrid weed strain that offers 14% THC. As a result, both newcomers and experienced veterans can enjoy this amazing runtz solution. Above all, it is made from the perfect marriage between Gelato 33 and Zkittlez. Therefore, the purple runtz is known for calming and energizing sensations.
It has some of the most dominant flavor profile that includes,
✓ Earthy flavors.
✓ Tropical note.
✓ Grape-like sweetness.

Purple runtz benefits

Here at the Kush store, we ensure you are getting nothing but the highest quality of Purple runtz that will offer you,
• Firstly, help with mind pains.
• Secondly, enjoyable long-lasting buzz.
• Thirdly, Inflammation recovery.
• Most importantly, Stress relief
And so much more.

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Trending products

Do-si-dos strain

If you are a lover of Indica strain, you will instantly fall in love with our Do-si-dos strain. We offer a world-class Do-si-dos strain solution that has an Indica dominant flavor. With a mixture of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, you get 100% enjoyment with every second of consumption.
The THC level of the Do-si-dos strain can reach anywhere from 12% to a massive 30%. So in case, you are an experienced cannabis user looking for a potent hit of runtz, then the Do-si-dos strain will be sure to satisfy your needs.

Do-si-dos strain Benefits

• High level of potency that can reach up to a massive 30%
• Pungent sweet and slightly floral flavor to elevate your bud experience
• Help with aches and pains
• Improvement on chronic pain from lupus or arthritis.
• Incredible Autoinflammatory properties.

Obama runtz​

The three-way cross of the most potent strain makes Obama runtz an incredibly satisfying experience for cannabis lovers. So the high surge of this Obama runtz stain offers a floral perfume, spicy low notes, and top not euphoric.

Here at the 3CHI- the kush store, we ensure that you will be getting the highest-end Obama runtz products. As a result, you will enjoy a tingling sensation and pack a punch with every second of consumption. In conclusion, we are proud of providing our customers with the highest and the freshest Obama runtz worldwide.

Runtz strain

The runtz strain carts are the new top dog among all the THC cartridges. And here at 3Chi- the kush store, we offer the most delicate runtz strain organically harvested from natural cannabis. Above all, our runtz pressure is collected from the most trustworthy farmers from the massive cannabis community.
So, you will get nothing but the best runtz products every time we come to the Kush store.

Cannabis product for the euphoric experience

Every cannabis product you get from the kush store ensures the highest quality of organically grown cannabis. We are proud of our unique strains. Moreover, we are willing to go above and beyond to provide the most satisfying customer experience.
We have a massive collection of product line up including,
✓ 3Chi
✓ White runtz
✓ Pink runtz
✓ Stiiizy battery
✓ Purple runtz
✓ Do-si-dos strain
✓ Obama runtz
✓ Runtz strain

So enjoy the highest grade of cannabis in style with the kush store today.


In addition,Runtz cartridges are the greatest THC cartridges available online at THC Kush store. These vaporizers are produced with several of the finest Runtz plants you’re familiar with. The vape juice is meticulously harvested and matured from the buds. With their superior ccell battery, these vape carts will provide you with long-lasting vaping hours all day. Our products are manufactured with 100 percent organically grown cannabis obtained directly from trustworthy farmers in our community system.visit pink runtz for more amazing products

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